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This is my first attempt at blogging and I’m ready to get into the many things I’ve seen and learned about, both first and second hand when it comes to being prepared and ready to deal with everything life has to throw at you. The world is a turbulent and difficult place to navigate these days without a plan to avoid becoming a statistic. Crime is rampant. Society seems to be teetering on the edge of collapse. People are protesting and rioting for many causes, some very legitimate, however many are jumping in on the coat tails of legitimate concerns and using the mob rule mentality to create anarchy. Add to these the mixed messages that our government and its representatives are sending and you can tell that there’s no peace on the horizon.

Do not just assume preparedness is strictly for the defense against civil disorder or chaos. Anarchy is dangerous, but mother nature is no laughing matter when she deals a blow to us. Hurricanes to tornadoes to earthquakes, among other natural events, can have a devastating effect on society and our daily lives.

Another factor that many of the “doomsday prepper” mindset forget is that there is life beyond the planning for catastrophe. Daily life presents us with opportunities to become better prepared in multiple areas of life that will help us further ourselves and have a more enjoyable life regardless of dire circumstances appearing in our lives or not. There are ways we can prepare for financial freedom as well as freedom from addictions and bad habits that cause poor life choices on small and large scales. Being prepared to better ourselves in all of these areas will put us into a much better place in life if we are ever called on to deal with a real SHTF scenario.

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