Aren’t Preppers Just Paranoid, Tin-Foil Hat Nuts?

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There’s a stereotype that has been pushed upon us by the constant force of television and the push to turn fringes of life into “reality television” by taking a pretty smart idea and taking it to excess for viewer ratings. There’s not a thing that hasn’t been sensationalized from our news to sports and people’s daily lives. Look at shows like “Naked and Afraid” and “Doomsday Preppers.” These are sensationalized versions of people and scenarios that are intentionally driven to produce a response by the viewer to draw them into watching the shows and, therefore, the advertisements that come along with viewing the episodes.

Not all Preppers are the type that are building the sandbag bunkers on hillsides or digging tunnels and underground dwellings in their spare time. Preparedness is given an almost cartoonish look by some of these shows, but in reality we are all prepping at some level. If you save money for unexpected expenses, carry a firearm for personal protection, or install a security system to warn you of a burglary attempt, then you are already taking preparedness actions whether you realize it or not. Having an Idyllic Bug-out location hidden from sight that can only be accessed through a labyrinth of traps and camouflaged entrances is cool, but for most of us, its not reasonable or necessary.

If you do happen to want a tinfoil hat for your protection, here’s one!:

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