Case Pocket knife for EDC?

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Why Case Knives?

I’m starting our pretty broad in subject matter here on the blog, because I am getting tons of information and ideas from friends and readers that almost have my head spinning on how to approach topics. Knives are almost as big a topic to cover as firearms or fire starters and each deserves its place and time on this blog or on my YouTube channel, however there is something about a Case pocket knife that oozes Americana from it and reminds me that not all daily carry tools have to be the latest tactical skeletonized offering to be useful.

From the stone age forward, edged instruments have been made and used by men and women for many duties and often, well made examples become heirlooms. I think this is the draw i have to the case knife. I can’t say if they will fill everyone’s needs and there are some of mine that they lack in, but i do feel naked without a pocket knife and one of the three pictured will always make me feel like i have a little something special.

Ideal EDC Knives

Depending on your occupation and how you employ a bladed tool, you may chose a number of different knife styles. Since this post is based on Case brand cutlery, I’ll offer some commentary on them. The classic case folders are not what i would consider a fighting or defensive knife. I’m sure that more than a few drops of blood have been spilled in anger with non-locking folding knives but there are much better options for that kind of work now days and there’s a trend in people who carry defensive knives to use them only for that purpose and have a “utility” pocket knife for daily chores. That is where i see one of these being proudly pulled from a pocket. To cut a rope, sharpen a dowel or limb, open a package, and the list of chores goes on from office to farm. The three pictured above were purchased to tinker with whittling and carving and are probably not a sculptor’s choice but sometimes its more fun to work with something you enjoy.

New Features of Case Knives

There is one feature that has been a constant in the front pocket of every pair of Carhartt work pants on just about any job site or blue jeans just about anywhere and that is the knife with the pocket clip hanging on the edge. This makes for convenient retrieval and helps keep the knife from falling out of the pocket. This feature has caused the traditional styles of folders to go out of favor for the more modern offerings. Case has cured that woe by offering some of its models with a clip attached. its not visible in the picture above but the yellow handled trapper came with a pocket clip and had i chosen to carry it daily, it would have been perfect. Click the link below to see the trapper and many other case knives, One could be the perfect fit for your pocket.

Case Trapper Pocket Knife

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4 thoughts on “Case Pocket knife for EDC?

  1. keith

    Thru out my adult years my pocket arsenal has grow. Other the most important pocket knife I have now added a flashlight a small pair of adjustable pliers. But in the last four to five years I have added another item to my morning routine that is as Important as the others and that is my prescription glasses. LOL


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