Best Every Day Carry Gear.

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What is Everyday Carry?

Everyday carry, or EDC as it is abbreviated, is pretty much exactly what it says. It’s the things we carry with us on a daily basis almost as a habit. For men, it may start with a watch or wallet. Women may feel almost naked without a purse or lip balm. Those are just common examples. EDC is not gender specific, we carry with us what we need as individuals to help us complete the planned and potential tasks we face during the day. EDC has gotten a lot more attention these days with numerous photo blogs and pages dedicate to what people take with them on a daily basis and you can tell a lot about the different mindsets and priories of the posters just from the pictures they add to the site. Take a few minutes when you have time and browse some of the pictures you find online for EDC.

What Should be In My EDC

Many people new to the concept of everyday carry may ask the question, “What should be in my everyday carry?” The simple answer would be “Everything you’ll possibly need.” That’s highly unlikely to happen because we never know what outside forces will effect our daily plans. A plan to run to the convenience store and grab a drink and some chips would, in theory, require only car keys and cash or a credit card but an emergency along the way could require the use of your cell phone. you might buy a snack at the store that comes in one of those armor plated packages we all find that no matter what you do, you need a knife to open the thing. Those are basic and almost silly examples, but its a place to start the thought process.

Since EDC will vary for everyone, I’ll just offer what I have seen to be the basics as well as what my EDC includes.

Cell Phones for EDC

In this day and time, we are joined to our phones almost by wire. In most cases, there’s no need to be separate from them and as much as they interrupt our lives, they also make emergency communications possible in a way that was never possible before everyone had a cell phone. In another post, I’ll dig deeper into the things you can use your phone for in survival and prepping scenarios as well as some considerations when using cell phones in an emergency.


Your wallet is almost a given. We almost always need to have a storage place for our I.D. and money or credit cards. It is a good idea to keep things such as a credit card for emergencies and an insurance card on you when you are out. These combined with a little cash can help you out of a bind.

Pocket Knife

A good knife is another component that most consider an essential part of EDC equipment. From opening a package or letter to cutting something loose in an emergency, knives are valuable tools and with the countless styles and designs available, we should all be able to find one that suits our needs and fits in our budgets. Take a look at the post I made about classic style Case folding knives here. Commonly carried pocket knives these days often have pocket clips to help them stay put. If you are looking for a reasonably priced EDC knife, take a look at this one by Gerber: Ge

Gerber Paraframe Knife

Medical EDC Items

Medical items are a top priority for those with conditions that require constant monitoring. Diabetics and people with severe allergies to certain foods or stings know just how big a part of their life that keeping medication or an epi-pen handy can be. Beyond the specific needs of individuals, keeping some emergency medical gear with you can be vital in bad situations. Small blow out kits are readily available and can fit in a cargo pocket or purse with no problem and the life saving contents such as tourniquets and clotting agent could make the difference in keeping someone alive until the professionals arrive. I try to keep one of these micro kits on me or within reach at all times and I hope to attend training soon to make me more effective if I ever have the need to use it. Take a look here for the one I like to keep handy, I like to keep a few around at home and in vehicles:

Micro First Aid Kit/ IFAK

Personal Protection EDC

As someone who is passionate about the 2nd Amendment and the right to be armed, it’s no surprise that I feel that having a self defense firearm on my person at all possible times is on of the best ways to defend myself. There is no shortage of opinions on self defense firearm options and many instructors who do a much better job of informing everyone about the choice and carry of a gun on an everyday basis. I am sure I’ll cover this topic in more detail, however, I believe that arming yourself and being trained to safely and effectively use the weapon is crucial to surviving a violent attack. To those who do not wish to commit to the use of deadly force, there are numerous sprays and stun guns that may offer some protection. These too need training of some sort to be best employed against an attacker. If you don’t wish to carry a firearm or, like many of us, cannot carry one where you work, take a look at these options for defensive EDC:

Sabre Red Pepper Spray:

Vipertek Stun Gun

Remember that being prepared involves all parts of our lives and the more things we identify as potential tools, the better we can be ready

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